Water Cycle Restoration

The untapped solution to healing our planet

Are you interested in learning a proven solution to our most pressing environmental crises? Decentralized Water Retention delivers meaningful results after the first rainy season. People around the world are learning how to quickly create real substantive change for the health of their landscapes and communities - by working for water.

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Water and Climate
Water regulates 70-95% of the heat dynamics of planet earth, yet it is almost not present in the climate change discussion. Over the past 10,000 years human activity has desertified ⅓ of earth’s land. This has led to catastrophic consequences, water and food scarcity, the displacement of peoples, and increasingly common and severe flood, drought, and fire - the Watershed Death Spiral. This is not only preventable, but also reversible.
Landscapes Can Be Revived
Humans, working with nature, have accomplished some truly incredible feats; turning desert into paradise, reviving springs and even whole rivers, reducing local temperatures 2 degrees celsius, the list goes on and on… There are living examples from around the world of people creating positive change, but these stories are tragically unknown to most.
Nature Has the Answers
How do we reverse the droughts, floods, fires and extinctions of the world today? It’s a question that can be paralyzing, due to the scale of the problems that we face. Thankfully due to the feedback loops of nature once we take one step in the right direction nature takes the next ten. Healing disturbed water cycles represents the most clear, practical pathway to improving the health of our planet.

The Water Cycle

Learn the whole story of the water cycle

The Full Water Cycle

Most of us have been taught an over simplified story of the water cycle. The full water cycle is much more complicated and interconnected than what we learned in school. Here, we tell the whole story.

The Watershed Death Spiral

Human activity has disturbed the Full Water Cycle, resulting in the increasingly common and severe Flood, Drought, and Fire we are experiencing; as well as rising global temperatures and extreme climate.

The Revived Water Cycle

Humans can also be a creative, constructive force within Earth’s ecosystems. By creating decentralized water retention landscapes we act as keystone species, reviving the health of our land and water.

The Waterman of India

Rajendra Singh

Known as the Waterman of India. While tending to his drought-stricken impoverished community as a medical doctor, an interaction with a patient shifted his focus to restoring water.. Starting alone with a shovel, his work grew into a movement of tens of thousands of villagers, building water retention spaces that captured the rain, lowered the temperature, and brought back water to a million+ people in Rajasthan.

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The Woman Who Planted Millions of Trees

Waangari Maathai

A mother and a teacher, who started an environmental movement in Kenya that won her the Nobel Prize. Seeing the destruction of tree cover and springs in her community, she started an organization to plant trees and look after women’s rights. This became the Green-Belt movement, which transformed Kenya by helping train women to plant millions of trees and protect ecosystems.

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The Rebel Farmer

Sepp Holzer

An Austrian Mountain farmer who defied convention to create an “Eden of the Alps”. By creating dozens of water bodies on his steep mountain farm, and planting thousands of trees, Sepp created one of the most diverse, ecological wonderlands in Europe. Sepp’s work has transformed countless communities across the earth, who have modeled his decentralized water retention features to reverse drought, and bring abundant water supplies back to their land.

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Water Cycle Restoration is the antidote to environmental despair, moving you from aware to activated - empowering your ability to make a positive impact for both your waters and your community.