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Stories give us perspective and frame our reality. Yet in the media today we hear so many stories of fear, loss and destruction.  Here we share stories about how to make the world a better place.  Stories about people who took a stand for their communities and landscapes to make a real difference.  These stories frame a new reality, one of potential and promise.  

Around the world elders have already shown us the way. From making oasis in the desert, to reviving rivers and communities - there are moving examples from every part of the planet. This is the place to hear these stories and to learn from those that have come before us.

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How they did it

What did these leaders do to create change within their landscapes and communities?  What challenges did they face along the way? How did they overcome them? These stories will inspire you, and hopefully you’ll begin to see a viable path forward for your own concerns within your community and landscape.

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The Full Water Cycle

Most of us have been taught an over simplified story of the water cycle. The full water cycle is much more complicated and interconnected than what we learned in school. Here, we tell the whole story.

The Watershed Death Spiral

Human activity has disturbed the Full Water Cycle, resulting in the increasingly common and severe Flood, Drought, and Fire we are experiencing; as well as rising global temperatures and extreme climate.

The Revived Water Cycle

Humans can also be a creative, constructive force within Earth’s ecosystems. By creating decentralized water retention landscapes we act as keystone species, reviving the health of our land and water.

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10 Heroes of Water 10 people who restored water and nature around the world

10 Heroes of Water

A great way to start learning about some of the Earth's great water stewards. These 10 leaders overcame tremendous odds in order to restore the healthy and vitality of their land and water.

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9 ways to reverse drought, revive rivers, and reduce flood and fire

9 Ways to Reverse Drought, Flood and Fire

There are simple things we all can do to make a positive impact on our local water cycle. Learn the easy and simple ways you can begin to revive the health of your environment.

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