Minni Jain Eyes Water Steward Community Organizer

Discussion. Connection. Inspiration. Action.

To create the change that is needed to restore a healthy planet and viable future for humanity, we need community action. Communities still hold the sovereignty of stewardship over our lands and waters, we just believe we have lost them. Connect with our community to reclaim your sovereignty and take action with others towards a better common future.

This is a community of individuals just like you, concerned about the earth, concerned about the future of fresh water on our planet, and ready to step forward into action.  Here we learn from one another, from different contexts around the world, we share, and we support one another in our efforts towards a better common future.

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Water Stories Community

This is a community of like-minded individuals concerned about the health of earth, water, and life. You are hopefully here to learn from and connect with people from around the world about water restoration. We all come from different perspectives, cultures, and landscapes.  You may want to bring water back to your own landscape, gain professional training in a growing and fulfilling field, or even start your own community movement to restore a river.  Regardless, we are all interested in repairing the water cycle that life depends upon.

Our hope for this platform is to teach you the best practices and theories of water restoration, while simultaneously providing professional training, guidance, community, and mentorship to make it happen in your part of the world.

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