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At Water Stories, we believe in making a difference, and we know that the desire to create real change isn't limited by borders or financial means. Our Global Equity Scholarship is a testament to this belief. The scholarship is more than just financial aid; it's actionable hope for those who wish to contribute to water cycle restoration but are hindered by economic constraints. It's an opportunity for individuals from all corners of the world to gain the knowledge and skills they need to restore the health of their lands, waters, and communities.

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Every donation made to the Global Equity Scholarship is matched by Water Stories, doubling the impact of each contribution. Your generosity directly supports top applicants from around the globe, providing them with equitable access to our transformative course.


By donating to the Global Equity Scholarship, you're not just supporting an individual; you're investing in a ripple effect of change that spans continents.


Join us in our mission to democratize education and empower global change. Donate to the Global Equity Scholarship today, and together, let's write more Water Stories.

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Global Equity Scholarship

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Water Stories began as a dream, born from a question; how to get the knowledge and skills for water cycle restoration into as many hands as possible? How do we empower hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people around the world, to bring water back to their landscapes and earn their livelihood doing it? 

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An essential part of making this dream a reality is creating as much awareness and community around water cycle restoration as possible. We began with creating a series of short films and videos to share as free educational content. Some of these have gone on to win numerous awards at film festivals, and beyond that, we consistently hear from this community about how impactful, hopeful, and informative our films, videos and webinars are.

Are you willing to help us continue making Water Cycle Restoration content that is freely available? You can support Water Stories with a monthly contribution, or a one time donation. Every bit counts. Funds are used exclusively for the generation of free Water Stories content. 

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Becoming a Benefactor

This means you are putting your money where you want to see further growth and development. It is voting with your money, for a better common future. It means you put your faith in us, and this is something we do not take lightly.

Being a benefactor for $300 per month also grants you certain perks and benefits within the community. You gain access to quarterly benefactor calls where you’ll hear what’s in store for Water Stories over the coming quarter, and also voice your ideas and feedback as a core part of our inner circle.