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What, Who and Why?

Whether you’re experiencing Drought, Flood, or Fire, Extreme Weather, Water Scarcity, or Ecosystem Collapse - this is the place to transform your concerns into actions.

‍We created Water Stories to empower you to revive landscapes and provide space to connect with communities taking action for a better common future.

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Why Water?

Water is the source of life on earth. It is also the primary driver of global temperature and climate. Humanity’s increasingly abusive relationship with water has led us down the watershed death spiral, with drought, flood, and fire all increasing in frequency and severity. We can reverse this cycle, and ensure an abundant and productive future - by simply changing our relationship with water.

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Stories Shape Our World

The Full Water Cycle

Most of us have been taught an over simplified story of the water cycle. The full water cycle is much more complicated and interconnected than what we learned in school. Here, we tell the whole story.

The Watershed Death Spiral

Human activity has disturbed the Full Water Cycle, resulting in the increasingly common and severe Flood, Drought, and Fire we are experiencing; as well as rising global temperatures and extreme climate.

The Revived Water Cycle

Humans can also be a creative, constructive force within Earth’s ecosystems. By creating decentralized water retention landscapes we act as keystone species, reviving the health of our land and water.

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