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A learning, training, and action platform focused entirely on Water Cycle Restoration

Guadalupe swimming in water ocean from above sun reflection

Bring Water Back

Every year we drain more of earth's freshwater downstream to the oceans, leading to flood, drought, and fire. We can quickly change this cycle of desertification and restore a balanced climate - when we work with water.

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Krameterhof Aerial Farm Ponds Sepp Holzer Aqquaculture Mountainside Farming

Stories for Change

Around the world people have created examples of how to work with nature to restore productive and healthy landscapes. We have compiled a collection of the best of these stories, for your inspiration.

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Minni Jain Water Steward at water's edge community organizer

A Community to Transform

Community action is the only way we can create a meaningful change. This community is full of people just like you, concerned about the health of our planet, and dedicated to taking action for a better common future.

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Courses to Empower You

Gain the skills and confidence you need in order to transform landscapes. Here we guide you through the different phases of growth you will need, to become an effective water restoration practitioner.

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Our Water Heroes

Sepp Holzer Water Hero Permaculture Krameterhof Aquaculture Natural Farming Wangari Mathaii Water Hero Green Belt Movement Forest Restoration Rajendra Singh Waterman of India Water Restoration Rajasthan

Learn about our 10 Heroes of Water, people from around the world who restored water and ecosystems within their communities.

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