Value of the Course

The value this course provides is not in the video chapters, but in the changes in your life it will help precipitate. More than anything this course is meant to lead you toward implementing positive change within your own life and landscape.


> A way to earn your living healing Earth

> Opens the doorway to a livelihood or vocation in water restoration

> Potential to earn a 6 figure income per year, $60-200 per hour

> Learn nearly lost skills - gain the ability to return water to land

> Spend your “on-time” doing something you believe in

water restoration practitioner graphic excavator water body

Land Steward

> Improve the health, beauty, vitality, and value of your land

> Increase ecological and agricultural productivity

> Gain water security, save water, and reverse drought

> Reduce the risk and severity of flood, drought, and fire

> Save tens of thousands in consultants and contractors

land steward graphic terrace water body farm

Water Advocate

> Gain the essentials from a decade learning from leading practitioners

> Learn how to lead your community towards a better common future

> Gain civil courage and a community of peers for support

> Strengthen or find your voice as an advocate for water and life

> Learn how to clearly articulate solutions and how to inspire community action

water advocate graphic waterfall elk voice for voiceless

What you get as part of the course

> 12 Video Modules 
> Access to all 3 Pathways
> Directed actions to gain experience
> Bi-monthly office hours with Zach
> Feedback on your actions

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Access to the Core Course is offered as a monthly membership to maximize flexibility and accommodate for faster and slower paces of completion.  

$385 per month

How long does the course take to complete?

This is the first ever group going through the course, so the truth is we don’t yet know. We expect the course to take most people 3 to 6 months to complete. The material will be sequentially released each week, over the first three months, So no matter which pathway you choose, it will take a minimum of 3 months to ingest all of the content. The time it takes to complete the actions will vary from student to student, depending on each person's preferences and schedules. Here is a breakdown of the amount of time we expect each pathway to take students to complete.

Water Advocate - 3 months - $1,155
Land Steward - 3 - 5 months - $1,155 - $1,925
Professional - 3 - 6+ months - $1,155 - $2,310+

How much time should you plan on committing to the course?

There are two elements to this 12 module training: video chapters and action steps. For each module you will watch a series of video lessons, and then work through our carefully crafted workbook. The actions are essential to solidify and actualize the teachings of this course.We will be releasing a new module each week.  So for the first three months, you could plan to spend 1 - 3 hours watching video chapters and 2 - 10 hours working through the actions each week. You are of course welcome to work through the modules at a slower pace if preferred.

Pathways for the course

The pathways can be thought of as your level of commitment and desired outcomes for participation in this course. The professional pathway has the most required actions for each module, and will require the most time to complete. It is also the pathway designed to provide people the experiences they need to become a water restoration professional. Some access to land will be required in order to complete some of the actions. The land steward pathway is designed for those working on their own landscape. The advocate pathway is the easiest and quickest pathway to complete, allowing people without land access to still learn the teachings of the course, with the least required actions for each module.


Each pathway has a corresponding certification: Water Advocate, Land Steward and Professional. In order to receive certification, one must complete each of the required actions for the given pathway. You may change pathways throughout the course, if you find some actions too challenging, or would like to achieve a higher level of certification than originally intended. 

Individuals in the professional pathway who display a high level of excellence and preparedness to start working in a professional capacity will be selectively awarded our separate Practitioner Certification. This is for individuals that we feel comfortable recommending to others to lead projects. There is no defined or set pathway to achieve this certification, it is only attained by proving your abilities through work. Those who are awarded practitioner certification will be listed on the Water Stories website and community as certified practitioners and leaders in the field.

Alumni Membership - $27 per month

Once you've completed your desired pathway you will receive the corresponding certification and your membership will transform from a student membership into an alumni membership. This will provide you continued access to the course content, community, and events for only $27 per month for as long as desired.

Hibernation - $9 per month

We all know that life happens, and sometimes we have to unexpectedly shift our focus. If something comes up for you while you're working on your certification, you can pause your membership at any time, and keep your place and progress for only $9 per month. This allows you to reactivate the course whenever you choose to, pick up right where you left off, and you will not have to wait for the next open period to rejoin the course.

Canceling Your Membership

You can cancel your membership at any time. Don’t like the course after a couple weeks? Cancel your membership and then you’re only out 1 month’s subscription, instead of thousands of dollars like with other courses.

What if this price isn't feasible in my country?

We are committed to fair global access to our course, and we understand that throughout the world there is huge discrepancy in the availability of economic resources. This is why we are creating the Global Equity Scholarship. This program will make it possible for people from around the world to join at an equitable rate for their country. We are still finalizing the details for this program, and how to cover the costs. More details will follow in the coming weeks. If you choose to apply, you will be asked to provide information about your situation and goals, typical earning potential in your region, and what monthly price you can reasonably afford to participate in the course.


We’ve got big plans to spread this work around the world, and we can’t do it alone. Our funding has run out, and the only way we’ll be able to continue making more free content is if people step up to help shoulder the economic burden of doing so.

Do you want to support the growth of this movement? The development of the next generation of water restoration practitioners? Do you want us to keep making more free content like our films and videos? We need your support to continue to grow and scale this movement.  

Our Global Equity Scholarship helps provide the course at an equitable rate to people around the world with less economic opportunity. We are matching all funds donated to provide scholarships to the top applicants. It’s important to us that all students have some skin in the game (no one gets the course for free). This allows us to offer the course at a price that is achievable for people in this context.

As a benefactor you will gain access to all of our courses and events, and also benefactor exclusive meetings and events. Your contributions make the Global Equity Scholarship possible, so we can provide this course at equitable rates worldwide. You are also helping fund the creation of more free educational content and films - to help people better understand the story of water. 

Pro Tier

Are you looking for more support to help grow your own business as a water restoration practitioner? This tier opens access to direct mentorship, hands-on training, and a host of tools to help you kick start your own business in water restoration. The professional membership is not currently available - we are aiming to launch this program sometime in 2023 if there’s enough interest. You can sign up for the waitlist below to be notified of more details as they become available.

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