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After seeing our Stories,  you now know what is possible and may be inspired to make positive change, but you still need guidance, experience, and support to put it all into action.  This is where our courses come in, this is the place to learn and practice reviving landscapes. We guide you through the details you will need to navigate in order to successfully bring water back to landscapes.

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Working for Water

Whether you want to bring this work into your life as a vocation, or for your own farm or homestead, the Water Stories Courses guide you through making this dream a reality. There are simple, easy things we all can do to make a tremendous difference in the world, but we need to make sure our energy is put in the right place, and at the right time.  Learn how to read from the book of nature to discover the answers for yourself, and step into your new role as a Water Restoration Practitioner.

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June 2022

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10 Heroes of Water 10 people who restored water and nature around the world

10 Heroes of Water

A great way to start learning about some of the Earth's great water stewards. These 10 leaders overcame tremendous odds in order to restore the healthy and vitality of their land and water.

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9 ways to reverse drought, revive rivers, and reduce flood and fire

9 Ways to Reverse Drought, Flood and Fire

There are simple things we all can do to make a positive impact on our local water cycle. Learn the easy and simple ways you can begin to revive the health of your environment.

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